Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well, I was hoping that I would be able to get a list of flies I am planning on tying together by now, but, well, as usual, the Christmas season has acted to keep this from happening. I have decided on a few of the flies. I am going to tie a wasp pattern, a Crappie Candy, and a Cow Dung as a part of the year, but I am not sure which other ones I will decide on.

Part of it is that I am unable to find a pattern book that I bought a number of years ago. I don't want to just redo the flies that you can find all over the place, but it seems that this is getting more and more difficult as the web grows. I hope that some of the flies I tie do not show up all over the place, but then I DO have my favorites! :-)

  • Lime Trude

  • Wasp

  • Crappie Candy

  • Cow Dung

  • Fore and Aft

  • Gill Gumdrops

  • Brooks Stone

  • Stayner Ducktail

  • Henryville Special

  • Picket Pin

  • Alder

  • Diawl Bach

  • Deerfield Special

  • Grizzly King

  • Sea Ducer

  • Latex Pupa

  • Renegade

  • Faux Beadhead Hare's Ear

  • Trude Style Royal Coachman

  • Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph

Hope you visit often!

Lime Trude